March 4, 2009

Update on the ever-accelerating growth of Bono's head.

"U2 have had a street in New York City named in their honour, to celebrate the release of their brand new album. In a ceremony today (March 3), 53rd Street in Manhattan was temporarily renamed U2 Way by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The street will be called U2 Way for a week."

Today's forecast: Bono's ego and self-admiration is at an all-time high. No need to bundle up, because he's blowing out a lot of hot air. And there's a good chance that shit will start falling from the sky. That's God. He hates U2, like me. Because we're both smart. Except that story doesn't work, because Bono is apparently God.

"'We're here somewhere between 10th Avenue and funky, funky Broadway, somewhere south of Duke Ellington Way and north of Joey Ramone Place we find ourselves...where the streets have no name,' he said, according to Reuters."

U2 Way is the last stop the bus makes on its tour through the nine circles of Hell. Where Bono is king. God, I fucking hate Bono.

*Extra tidbit: I've always said his name as Bone-o. No real reason, other than the fact that that's technically how it should be pronounced, considering there is a vowel following the consonant after the first 'o' which would make it a long 'o' sound. Wouldn't it? I love proving you dicks wrong.

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