March 18, 2009

The Pope pulls out, apparently.


"The Vatican on Wednesday defended Pope Benedict XVI's opposition to the use of condoms to stop the spread of AIDS as activists, doctors and governments criticized it as unrealistic, unscientific and dangerous.

Benedict, arriving in Africa, said Tuesday that condoms 'increase the problem' of AIDS. The comment, made to reporters aboard his plane, caused a worldwide storm of criticism."

That's right. You heard it here, folks. The Pope says don't use condoms. Fine by me. I never much liked rubber gloves, spandex, or one-size-fits-all, and I like condoms even less. And now my antipathy is sanctioned by God himself. Thank God.

"Kevin De Cock, director of the H.I.V./AIDS program at the World Health Organization, said there was no scientific evidence showing that condom use spurs people to take more sexual risks."

Yes, the director of the AIDS program at WHO's last name is Cock. I couldn't make this up if I tried. But the most interesting thing the condom hat-wearing Pope had to say was:

"He also expressed concern about the impact of modernity and secularization on the traditional African family, telling the bishops to promote the understanding that marriage is indissoluble."

'Indissoluble' being the key word here. In America, 33% of all marriages end in divorce, and 50% of all second, third, fourth, etc. marriages end in divorce. It seems that the Pope is off his fucking meds. But I'll start pulling out instead.

March 16, 2009

The greatest short film I've ever seen.

Nothing much to say with this. I remember watching this video, but with different music, years ago. Originally I saw this with Kenna's "hell bent," which is an amazing song, and I've absolutely loved it ever since. But tonight, after watching it again, I found out that it wasn't made for his music video. I read that it was actually a short film, that was nominated for an Academy Award, made by Mark Osbourne, with music by New Order. Never knew that. I think both are great, but I have to love the original more out of respect for the creator, even if "hell bent" is a bit catchier (with great lyrics as well) compared to "Elegia." Just for reference, here's the link to the Kenna version (since it won't let me embed the video):

March 10, 2009

Know what country and pop don't have?

Badass fans who do this to see legends:

"Over 100 Iron Maiden fans were arrested before the band's show at Bogota's Simon Bolivar Park in Colombia on Saturday (March 7) as a riot broke out outside the venue.

Ticket-less fans gatecrashed the 25,000-capacity show, with riot police attempting to quell the chaos as rocks were thrown and tear gas was used by authorities, reports BBC News.

Of the 111 fans arrested, 40 remain in custody. One police officer, Rolado Arturo Girata Mora, required reconstructive surgery after being injured in the fracas.

Police said that the riot was caused by 'embarrassing acts perpetrated by a group of malcontents who wanted to enter without tickets'.

Local authorities are set to debate whether heavy metal acts should be allowed to take place in Bogota in the future.

Iron Maiden managed to perform the show when stage time came around, and did not comment on the riot."

Normally, I'd think it was a bit too much, but I've seen Iron Maiden, and frankly, I forgot about the fact that Ozzy was supposed to come on after, but couldn't. Not only does this show dedication to see a legendary band, it's just simply amazing that over 100 fans without tickets all decided to band together and break in. That also shows teamwork. And people call today's youth lazy...

March 7, 2009

Five reasons to break shit.

I love metal. And guess what? I love nu-metal. Yeah, that's right. And I miss it. I grew up on this shit. Well, that and Cradle of Filth. But what the hell happened? It's all good that those bands wanted to change their sound over the years. Like, for instance, I wouldn't want Tool to make another album just like Lateralus, after waiting almost five years. It's a good thing that they didn't...

But that doesn't mean that we can't still have new, er, nu-metal bands, does it? Oh well. I'll just keep listening to the old shit. So here's a list of five vids I miss. There was going to be more, like Slipknot, Korn, and Spineshank, but those damn record companies seem to enjoy disabling access to embed them.

"The Red" - Chevelle

The best idea for a music video, ever. It just didn't quite live up to my expectations. It could have been so much more pissed off. It always seemed funny to me, to pack a room with the angriest fuckers that aren't in jail. And deep down, I know this court-ordered class is in my future.

"Giving In" - Adema

I miss Adema, more than any band that lost a singer or disbanded. I don't quite know why everyone hated them. And to be honest, this vid has inspired quite a few writes actually. Great song all around. Even though it works with the whole addiction to sex, I wish the video had reflected the drinking addiction instead, just like the song.

"One Step Closer" - Linkin Park

This is the one that started it all. It really doesn't even seem like this is the same band. Like I said, I'm all for a band testing new grounds, but Linkin Park has really mellowed out. I miss this anger. Hell, I miss any emotion at all that they used to convey. Fuck it. I miss when they were Hybrid Theory.

"Last Resort" - Papa Roach

Christ. I don't know how many million times I've listened to the Infest CD all the way through. I still remember the night when Kevin bought this CD, and I bought Korn's Issues. The two best purchases we've ever made, including cars, food, and even clothes. If you have good nu-metal you don't need to eat, or even clothe yourself.

"Break Stuff" - Limp Bizkit

Fred Durst is the biggest douchefag in America, when Bono is touring in other countries. And he's soulless. But old Limp Bizkit really wasn't too bad. This was back when Durst was on his way to living in a dream world where he was king, but he wasn't quite there yet. The video's kind of cheesy, but I'll forgive him for that, because you're not supposed to make fun of mentally-handicapped people.

Well, that's the list. Just a trip down memory lane of my high school years. Now I need to go find something to break.

March 4, 2009

Update on the ever-accelerating growth of Bono's head.

"U2 have had a street in New York City named in their honour, to celebrate the release of their brand new album. In a ceremony today (March 3), 53rd Street in Manhattan was temporarily renamed U2 Way by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The street will be called U2 Way for a week."

Today's forecast: Bono's ego and self-admiration is at an all-time high. No need to bundle up, because he's blowing out a lot of hot air. And there's a good chance that shit will start falling from the sky. That's God. He hates U2, like me. Because we're both smart. Except that story doesn't work, because Bono is apparently God.

"'We're here somewhere between 10th Avenue and funky, funky Broadway, somewhere south of Duke Ellington Way and north of Joey Ramone Place we find ourselves...where the streets have no name,' he said, according to Reuters."

U2 Way is the last stop the bus makes on its tour through the nine circles of Hell. Where Bono is king. God, I fucking hate Bono.

*Extra tidbit: I've always said his name as Bone-o. No real reason, other than the fact that that's technically how it should be pronounced, considering there is a vowel following the consonant after the first 'o' which would make it a long 'o' sound. Wouldn't it? I love proving you dicks wrong.
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