March 10, 2009

Know what country and pop don't have?

Badass fans who do this to see legends:

"Over 100 Iron Maiden fans were arrested before the band's show at Bogota's Simon Bolivar Park in Colombia on Saturday (March 7) as a riot broke out outside the venue.

Ticket-less fans gatecrashed the 25,000-capacity show, with riot police attempting to quell the chaos as rocks were thrown and tear gas was used by authorities, reports BBC News.

Of the 111 fans arrested, 40 remain in custody. One police officer, Rolado Arturo Girata Mora, required reconstructive surgery after being injured in the fracas.

Police said that the riot was caused by 'embarrassing acts perpetrated by a group of malcontents who wanted to enter without tickets'.

Local authorities are set to debate whether heavy metal acts should be allowed to take place in Bogota in the future.

Iron Maiden managed to perform the show when stage time came around, and did not comment on the riot."

Normally, I'd think it was a bit too much, but I've seen Iron Maiden, and frankly, I forgot about the fact that Ozzy was supposed to come on after, but couldn't. Not only does this show dedication to see a legendary band, it's just simply amazing that over 100 fans without tickets all decided to band together and break in. That also shows teamwork. And people call today's youth lazy...

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