January 27, 2009

The revolution of thought.

A truck driver came in and started rambling on about the 2012 end of days bullshit to a coworker. I rolled my eyes, like usual when this crap's brought up, because I know people don't actually know what they're talking about, just repeating hearsay in similar fashion to that old kids' game of "telephone" and Roland Emmerich is lapping it up like the last puddle of water in a desert.

Anyway, I kept my mouth shut, as usual, and let him talk about how "every 24,000 years the Earth destroys itself and in 2012 it's gonna do it again for the fifth time." Wow, is that all the Earth's been around for? He continued by explaining how "Nostradamus predicted this, like that guy that uncoded the Bible" and skipped over Revelations apparently. Then he finished by saying he didn't believe in global warming and that in 2012 "the sun's gonna disappear behind the Milky Way and the farmers ain't gonna grow no food no more." Word for word, quote for quote. I wrote this shit down. It still amazes me that people question why I have no faith or hope for humankind.

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