January 12, 2009

Best 10 movies of 2008.

Yeah, a lot of sites do it. Top 10 list of the previous year. And a lot of sites suck. So, here's my list of the best 10 movies of last year, with trailers for each one just in case you don't know what the movie is all about. There's no sense in writing any kind of review for them. If I didn't like them, they wouldn't be on the list. A lot of people said movies in 2008 sucked, so I just felt the need to prove them wrong. Unfortunately I haven't seen 'The Reader,' 'Revolutionary Road,' 'Valkyrie, or 'Repo! The Genetic Opera' yet, so this list is as good as it gets. I did my best to put them in 1-10 order, but that's always debatable. It also doesn't mean the last few suck either. It's a top 10 list.

1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

2. The Dark Knight

3. Let the Right One In

4. The Fall

5. The Wrestler

6. Gran Torino

7. Slumdog Millionaire

8. Shotgun Stories

9. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

10. Cloverfield

That's the list. The top two could easily be switched back and forth. It's not important though. But what is important is that only one of those movies (The Dark Knight) was in the top 10 grossing movies of 2008. That means a lot of people are watching a lot of shitty movies. But now that I made a list for you to learn from, you can do a little better this year.

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