January 19, 2009

I'm the monster. I'm the villain.

The problem with the Broadway musical turned film "Repo! The Genetic Opera"? Half the people going to see it are fans of its creators' other projects (as in "Saw") and the other half are going to see a cheesy old opera. But what they're seeing is both, and so most of them aren't happy. Even its own studio, Lionsgate, doesn't seem to like it. Apparently the final version is missing around twenty minutes of additional footage the directors were forced to cut. Lionsgate said this movie would have no audience, and refused to put up the money for a wide release. So the cast and crew (even Paris Hilton herself) went on a "tour" with the movie, playing it in a few big cities. Now, three of the 58 songs featured in the movie (yes, 58) are potential nominees for an Academy Award. The songs that could get nominated are "Zydrate Anatomy", "Chase the Morning", and "Chromaggia". I'm very unhappy with Lionsgate right now, whom I usually respect for making movies that aren't the usual shit most people are content with choking down everyday.

Every few years, I get this feeling about a movie that I see a trailer for, that I know is going to amaze me, and I obsess over it until I see it. About nine months ago, I saw the trailer for Repo! and knew I was going to love it. But because of Lionsgate, I wasn't able to even see it until the day before its release on DVD. It was well worth the wait. I'm actually glad I made the top 10 movie list of 2008 before having seen this, because it would have screwed the list up. It's completely different than my top favorites, but it's equally deserving of being considered a top film of last year. I really can't praise it enough. There are, of course, cons to all of the pros, but they're minimal.

It was made on only 8.5 mil, took years to get off of the ground, and got scenes cut, but in the end, the directors got the final say, and they wouldn't change one damn thing for the studio. It's their vision, untainted by the Hollywood corporation. I usually hate musicals, so I couldn't possibly be biased about this movie in any way. And it's a rated-R opera, starring Ogre from Skinny Puppy, Sarah Brightman, and Paris Hilton. Hell, that combination is all you need. Rent it tomorrow. Or buy it.

People in line at one of the "tour" theaters. No audience indeed:


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