June 6, 2007

Darwin kicked simian ass!

Okay, so maybe I was a little harsh on Chuck. In all honesty, the man was right. I can’t deny pure scientific evidence. The facts are there. Maybe I was just looking for someone to blame. Chuck doesn’t deserve that though. I agree that evolution does exist, or did at least. See, that’s the problem. I think Darwin was really onto something there. And for quite a while, he was right. But he’s not anymore.

After spending too many fucking years of being surrounded by beer-bellied, wife beating, too-extremely-homophobic-to-not-be-gay hillbillies, I've advanced upon Darwin’s original observations and ideas with a little something I like to call The Theory of Regression. So get that Nobel ready, bitches. Sorry, Chuck, we're just not as smart as you thought. What did you expect from a bunch of fucking shit-throwing apes? A fucking mess is what I'd say.

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